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Apply for Helper,Trial-Mod
04-22-2014, 03:47 AM
Post: #1
Apply for Helper,Trial-Mod
Srry for the first 1 StaffMember! Sad
Ingame Name: Megan_Maes
Full Name: Megan Maes
Skype Name: [Helper] GOD MeganFTW
IGN: Megan_Maes
Age: 13
For How long are u playing Minecraft now? : Well I am Playing MineCraft 3 Years now and I like it pretty much tho x3.
How much Time will u be on the Server? mostly 5-6 Hours.
Do u Agree with the following? : Yes.
As a StaffMember, I will Respect every single Player Online.
And as a StaffMember, I will help every Single Player/Staff Online.
Why are u interested in this position of the Server? : I wanna feel the good experience of the Server and help get it better and better, I will help the Server and i will not Abuse thing or cheat or hack or anything else thats possible. I dont like griefers or trollers so I never do that Tongue.
Any issueses with any1 on the StaffMembers? : No.
Any prior punishments?: Not Yet.
Anything Esle we should know? : I am Pro at Building and I like u're Server Heart
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