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Application For Builder/Admin
04-19-2014, 04:40 AM
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Application For Builder/Admin
This Application is for Admin or Builder on

IGN: BluemonkeyDJ

Full name: Bob-John Suarez

Age: 14

My experiences on Minecraft: I am able to download and use mods texture packs, can use basic commands etc.

I am able to spend a lot of time on this server like i did when the server was up and running ages before this server was closed for a long time and rebuilt into this faction [/align][/size][/i][/font] server.

I do agree with the statements:
As a staff, I will be nice to every single player.
As a staff, I will be fair and help any player I can.

I am interested in the position Admin/Builder as I do like to help new Minecrafters that have just joined the server for the first time, and help build the server up so that the server can be more know as the time passes, and hopefully more players come and join have fun and PvP on the server.

I do not have any issues with any of the other staff members.

I have not been punished/ banned in any way, warned or muted.

I have experience in building and constructing 'buildings' in minecraft I am also capable of using plugins and know how to use most of the well known plugins and also capable of knowing when to, or why to punish a fellow minecrafter on the server who is disrespecting rules etc.

Anything else we should know?:
I have already been a server admin here before it closed down for a very long time and reopened.
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