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NoobiDontHack's Staff Application
04-15-2014, 10:03 AM
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NoobiDontHack's Staff Application
Hello, I am currently seeking for staff employment and I would love to be part of the YakiCraft staff team, so please take your time and I hope you will enjoy this application!

In Game Name (IGN):
My IGN is NoobiDontHack, however I do not mind anybody knowing my name Jason.

Full Name:
My full name is Jason Kim and I currently live in the Pacific Daylight/Standard Timezone.

I am currently age 15, and will be turning 16 soon. I am a sophomore and I attend to a high school in the Pacific Northwest-Area in North America. I love to help and I will help the server as best as I can. Even, if I am busy, I will get on and support the growing community.

Experiences with Minecraft:
I started playing Minecraft, when 1.2 was just released. Ever since, then I was looking for staff employment on servers and after a long time of seeking employment, I was part of a staff team on a small, factions server that had only 5 slots. It was getting larger, and larger when it went down since 1.4. Now, I am looking for employment on fairly-large server and wonderful like this one.

How much time are you willing to spend on the server?:
I will spend currently about 3-6 hours on the weekends, and 1-3 hours during the weekdays (sometimes excluding Wednesdays). It depends usually on what I need to accomplish to help the server.

Do you agree to the following?:
As a staff, I will be nice to every single player.
As a staff, I will be fair and help any player I can.
Yes, therefore I will never abuse my powers to any players (including staff, donators or members). I will do as what I am told to do, and will never do what I am not told to do. I respect everyone, and treat all players equally, even if it is harsh sometimes.

Why are you interested in this position?:
Since a couple of days ago, I met a player and they invited me on a server. Then a few days later, I was interested about YakiCraft seeking for staff members and I kept wondering if I could be part of the team. As I played a bit more, I realized I could handle being part of the staff team. I am interested in this postion, because I want to help you guys on your quest on becoming a better server and letting server players having a greater experience on this server. I will help players, when no other staff is online and available to help support players. I want to be part of your staff team so people can rely on me to help them accomplish what they need done. I also want to be part of your staff team because, some people need help that only can be helped by staff and I can assist them. I would watch for advertising and spammers and people who are disobeying the rules. I will always be responsible. I would like to become a staff member because I love helping people and making them enjoy their Minecraft experience, as staff of my first few servers I played on were helping and supportive towards me, I think that's why I am able to be playing today. Even, if it is harsh sometimes in the server community, I will still support. I can make a contribution to the server with my descent build skills and my superb justice to commit helping on this server that players experience on this descent server. Some players trust me and count on me to help support them. I will listen to what I am told and not told to do, as well. I will never let this growing server down and I hope I will have this one of a kind opportunity to join the staff team. I want to be staff so people can feel welcomed and I Would really like to be apart of your staff team because, I have been playing on this server and its really been interesting to me, to see how it works and functions. I like to see the new people join, I for one, think is very impressive for the growth and development of your server, and I have just always wanted to be more of apart of that ever since I joined this server. Then few days later that I decided I that I had what it took to be apart of the YakiCraft Staff team.\

Any issues with anyone on the Staff Team?:
No, I have had no issues with anyone on this wonderful server. Instead, I am continuing to support other people.

Any prior punishments? (Bans/mutes/warnings):
No, I have not had a ban, mute or warning on this server. However, I have been banned on another server, because a staff member was abusing his powers and then started demoting and ruining the server. If I am staff on this server, I will always be helpful, and not ruin the experience for players. Also, I believe that if you are banned, it is a good opportunity to learn and not make the mistake anymore.

What are your experiences?:
As I said before, I have had some experience on a server, that was down since 1.4. I know a little bit about being staff, and some basic, staff commands and also some plugin commands (such as, PermissionsEx or GroupManager Commands). Ever since, then I played on multiple servers that were looking for staff, and it seems I have found one. I will follow the rules. Even, if I am staff, I will always follow the rules that the players have.

Anything else we should know?:
I enjoy playing on this server, and I will dedicate my time and superb justice to help this server! Also, thank you for reading this application. Reading or Posting Comments really support me, and I really appreciate it. Please take your time, and think through. I do not mind.
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